Rights & Equality

Guarantee equal access to affordable healthcare, housing, clean water, nutrition, education, and personal safety for ALL.

Protect the fundamental rights of all women to make choices about their own bodies, access public health services, and ensure their privacy.

Provide equal and affordable access to all levels of education.

Combat the skyrocketing costs of higher education; the necessity of student loans moving forward and provide relief to those who are currently burdened. 

Rule of Law

Return the rule of law back to our people and their government.

Support the principles of governmental separation of powers.

Protect the Constitution from being used as a mechanism to endanger rather than protect individual rights and protect all who are vulnerable to oppression.

Protect individual and consumer rights in criminal and civil courts; protect our courts from undo and inappropriate influence.



Structure real protections for our environment and address climate change.

Restore the EPA's authority, oversight, and enforcement.

Require federal burden sharing for environmental improvement and enforcement

Invest in and support the development of renewable energy.

Support Small Business, Organized Labor & Fair Wages

Support all workers’ rights to organize and receive sustainable living wages, paid medical, and family leave.

Rebuild and expand the opportunity for anyone to join the middle class.

Support entrepreneurship and local business development.

Innovation & Technology



Embrace innovation & technology in our businesses, schools, and government – support public transparency, trust, and accountability.

Promote Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) programs for all who want to pursue them.

Control Federal Spending & Debt



Address the unprecedented national debt and deficit spending to protect social services and vulnerable people.

Bring discipline to the federal budgeting process to ensure resources are used in ways that promote the public good.

"The simple fact is that our democracy is strongest, and our freedom is greatest, when we stand up for each other."